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     Welcome to "Hypercoaster", the definitive, virtual guide to rollercoasters.  During your visit here, you will encounter many aspects of this site, which set it apart from other sites that try to accomplish the same tasks, to offer you the information you want.   This site is run by the users, for the users, the webmaster of "Hypercoaster" is simply a moderator, someone to make sure the tasks are accomplished (updates, posts, newest info, etc.).  You are strongly encouraged to email "Hypercoaster" with new information, additional information, corrections, comments, or suggestions.  Most of your thoughts, comments, arguments will be placed on the site so that everybody may see your opinion, or so that everybody may learn from additional sources.  Thank you for the support.

7-26-99:  "Hypercoaster" is founded!

8-03-99: "Hypercoaster" is added to the Yahoo directory!






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